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London Fashion Day Unveils its Third Season: Elevating Emerging Designers and Brands

London, April 20th – London Fashion Day, a beacon for emerging designers and brands, proudly announces the launch of its highly anticipated third season. With a steadfast commitment to nurturing budding talents and amplifying brand recognition, this season promises to be a transformative milestone for the fashion industry’s rising stars.

In today’s ever-evolving market landscape, empowering designers to define their unique brand identities and captivate potential clients, buyers, media influencers, and partners is paramount. London Fashion Day serves as a catalyst for these aspirations, providing a platform where creative visionaries can flourish.

“Our ethos at London Fashion Day transcends mere showcases; it embodies a celebration of ingenuity,” remarks Konstantin Lieontiev, Founder. “Our season’s visual narrative, set against the iconic backdrop of Westminster Bridge, symbolizes the genesis of a collective odyssey, empowering each designer to unfurl their artistic essence and narrative on our esteemed runway.”

Throughout the third season, London Fashion Day pledges to foster an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration, propelling emerging talents to unprecedented heights in their professional trajectories.

Additionally, the talented team behind London Fashion Day has curated a captivating campaign, offering an exclusive glimpse into the backstage world:
Runway Show Schedule:

Amaya For Africa
Kiannara Hazine
Watababe Swimwear
Gareth Volka
JPO London
Nick Kichkar

Our unique location for the season will be St. John’s Church, 18 Hyde Park Cres, Tyburnia, London W2 2QD.

Exclusive Season Partners:
– Trade Mark Wizards Limited
– Wellingtons Solicitors Ltd
– Philip Martins
– Laura TIMM
– Burceva

Image Partners:
– VIZARD Academy
– Backstage Beauty Team
– Ukrainian Trend Store
– AK Consult – Agency for Website Development

Catering and Afterparty partner:
– Bantof Soho

Media Partners:
– FashionTV Ukraine and United Fashion
– GLAM Week Magazine
– Cool’baba Magazine
– Prominent Magazine
– Studio of My Dreams
– hani5am

International Partners:
– Odessa Fashion Day

Strategic Partner:
– Creative Industry Awards
– UWILL Global

Technical Partner:
– Show Empire

Join us as we celebrate the creativity and innovation of these designers at London Fashion Day’s third season.

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