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London Fashion Day wraps up its third season: Supporting emerging fashion

London Fashion Day successfully concluded its highly anticipated third season on April 20th in London. Serving as a pillar of support for young designers and brands, the event became a transformative stage for rising stars in the fashion industry.

With a deep commitment to supporting emerging talents and increasing brand visibility, London Fashion Day provided a platform where creative visions thrived.

Throughout the third season, London Fashion Day fostered an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration, elevating emerging talents to unprecedented heights in their professional careers. The event not only provided a platform for showcasing new collections but also served as a venue for future meetings and networking among fashion insiders, representatives of the London fashion scene, and journalists.

Designers featured in the shows:

  • Amaya For Africa – @amaya_for_africa
  • Kiannara Hazine –
  • Watababe Swimwear – @watababeswimwear
  • KKOFAH – @kkofah_house
  • Gareth Volka – @garethvolka
  • KEKA – @keka_fashion
  • JPO London – @jpolondon
  • TARAKEEB – @tarakeeb.official
  • Novikov – @_novikovofficial_
  • Gorsset – @gorsset
  • Nick Kichkar – @nick.kichkar
  • KOCH HOUSE – @kochhouse_

A total of 12 designer shows from different countries were presented. Additionally, a fashion corner space was organized, where each guest had a unique opportunity to exchange impressions of the shows and get acquainted with the latest collections from brands presented outside the runway program.

Attendance to the shows was possible by invitation or after registration on the project’s official website.

Special thanks to our project partners:

Season location: St Johns Hyde Park

Season exclusive partners:

  • Trade Mark Wizards Limited
  • Wellingtons Solicitors Ltd
  • Philip Martins
  • Laura TIMM
  • Burceva

Image partners:

  • VIZARD Academy
  • Backstage Beauty Team
  • Ukrainian Trend Store
  • AK Consult – Agency for Website Development

Catering and Afterparty partner: Bantof Soho

Media partners:

  • FashionTV Ukraine and United Fashion
  • GLAM Week Magazine
  • Cool’baba Magazine
  • Prominent Magazine
  • Studio of My Dreams
  • CHIC
  • hani5am
  • London One Magazine
  • London Business Journal

International partners:

  • Odessa Fashion Day

Strategic partners:

  • Creative Industry Awards
  • YMW
  • UWILL Global

Technical partner: Show Empire

London Fashion Day celebrated the creativity and innovation of these designers in its third season. Stay tuned for more exciting plans from our project.


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