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From London Runways to Your Wedding: KOCHHOUSE’s Bespoke African Elegance

London has just witnessed the arrival of KOCHHOUSE, the distinguished Nigerian Bespoke brand, following their captivating showcase at The National Wedding Show 2023 and the Modern African Weddings show. Renowned for their unique hand-made embroidery Tuxedos, the brand has left an indelible mark on the global stage, captivating hearts with their distinctive designs tailored for the bold and classy man.

Anticipate the unveiling of their new wedding collection in the first quarter of 2024, combining traditional essence with international allure. This collection boasts traditional suit cuts infused with African embellishments, ensuring a cross-cultural appeal suitable for a diverse audience. Each piece, meticulously crafted with intricate and subtle details, presents a fusion of tradition and contemporary style, visible in specific areas like the lapel and bodice.

Nkwocha Nonye, the creative director, remains committed to steering the brand towards an international audience while preserving its authentic African identity.

Check our more exclusive and stylish pieces on their website and page.
IG: @KochHouse_
Model: Talhal Hafeez
Creative Stylist: Nkwocha Nonye

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